• 25th-26th October, 2017
  • Station F, Paris

Techfugees Global Summit Speakers

Rania Mustafa Ali

Documentary: ‘Escape from Syria: Rania's Odyssey’

My name is Rania Ali. I am 22 years old Syrian refugee. I come from Kobane, Syria, but lived for 18 years of my life in Raqqa. In 2013 Raqqa was liberated from the regime forces but sadly after few months it was taken over by ISIS and that was why I had to flee Raqqa to Kobane, and in 2016 I fled Syria to Europe. When I decided to take the trip I also decided to document my Journey, which in the beginning was no more than just dairies but with the help of a very talented producer (Anders Hammer). I was able to share it with the world hoping for it to change how people see refugees, to show what makes us leave, and most importantly developing empathy that would make the relationship between the refugee and the rest of the world better. You can watch Rania’s documentary here