• 25th-26th October, 2018
  • Station F, Paris
Welcome to

Techfugees Global Summit

Station F, Paris. 25th-26th October
Welcome to

Techfugees Global Summit

Station F, Paris. 25th-26th October
Welcome to

Techfugees Global Summit

Station F, Paris. 25th-26th October
Welcome to

Techfugees Global Summit

Station F, Paris. 25th-26th October

Techfugees Global Summit

TECHFUGEES was born in London after the so-called "refugee crisis" in Europe in 2015.

After coordinating the tech community commitment for three years, TECHFUGEES is now organizing and hosting its second international summit this autumn, at one of the world's biggest startup campus, Station F, in the heart of Paris!

The first edition in 2017 brought together more than 600 participants, where one in five were refugees, to discuss the uses of technology in the migration-route and the arrival of relocated people in their new host societies.

This year, the TECHFUGEES community will focus on the settlement of newcomers and the role that technology can play in breaking down barriers like language, cultural, social, economic administrative and financial that stands in the way of real inclusion. Despite the increase of harsh language and political acts around the world, refugees and their families are settling themselves in their new countries. Neither victim nor heroes, they want to rebuild their lives.

How can technology break down these barriers and help build bridges? What are the needs of refugees? Blockchain, IA... What trends are emerging in terms of #tech4refugees to answer them? With recent scandals, data protection is at the center of attention. How does this translate in the # tech4refugees?

This year TECHFUGEES GLOBAL SUMMIT will devote part of its program to climate change. According to a World Bank study published in March 2018, the worsening impacts of climate change will lead to the migration of 143 million people by 2050, creating a looming humanitarian crisis. The world must, therefore, prepare itself and adapt to this new situation.

In response to this structural phenomenon at the heart of one of our century's significant global challenges - how can technology be used to start overcoming this challenge?

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Techfugees Global Summit's Previous Speakers

George Papandreou

Former Prime Minister of Greece
As Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou was at the forefront of the global financial crisis and, through complex and difficult negotiations Read more...

Aurélien Taché

Member of the National Assembly
As a "La République En Marche" MP, Aurélien Taché is currently leading a parliamentary mission on the integration of migrants in France.  

Axelle Lemaire

Former Innovation Minister in the French Government
A French and Canadian citizen, Axelle Lemaire worked in the French Governement as Minister for Read more...

Antoine Jouteau

CEO, leboncoin (Schibsted Media Group)
Antoine Jouteau, currently CEO at Leboncoin, has been with the company for eight years, with special focus on marketing and sales. Read more...

Mike Butcher

Chairman of Techfugees,
Editor at Large, TechCrunch

Mike Butcher (FRSA) is 'Editor At Large' of TechCrunch, the biggest breaking news site about the world’s Read more...

Josephine Goube

CEO, Techfugees
Nominated two times in a row by Forbes as one of the top 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur in 2016 and 2018, Joséphine is an hacktivist for migrants Read more...

Vaughn Hester

Community Partnerships, Facebook
Vaughn Hester works to empower online communities as part of the Community Partnerships team at Facebook. Her Read more...

Rania Ali

Documentary: ‘Escape from Syria: Rania's Odyssey’
In 2016 I fled Syria to Europe. When I decided to take the trip I also decided to document my Journey, which in the beginning Read more...

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